Update 02/08/21

Well it’s been about 6 years now since I sold my first antenna and 4 years since I designed and sold my first key. After selling over 1000 antennas all over the world, my business now has shifted to just making keys. I will no longer be making antennas.

I have removed my keys from this site and now manage all the sales on my w1sfr.com site.

If you are interested in my keys, please go the w1sfr.com where I have my full line of keys and buying information.


Steve Roberts-W1SFR

2094 RT 73 E, Sudbury, VT 05733


Phone: (802)779-7489

Member: ARRL,SPAR, NAQCC, FISTS, SKCC, ARCI, CWOPS, OMISS, Green Mountain Wireless Society

A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: Nobody likes shipping charges, including me. I’ve calculated First Class or Priority Mail rates for all items and they charged to you at cost. I do not charge extra for “handling”, even though a lot of “handling” takes place. HiHi.

DX please email for shipping rates.



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    • Hi Tom. I always use headphones or ear buds so I don’t have any solid recommendations. I wish the KX3 had bluetooth, then that would open up a whole world of possibilities. 73, Steve, W1SFR

  1. I’ve been using the W1SFR Random End Fed antenna with my KX3 and Yaesu FT-891 radios for many months now. I use it with a collapsible 32 foot fiberglass pole from MFJ, when working from my RV. It is an amazing antenna in terms of performance, and takes me literally 10 minutes at most to set the whole thing up. I do have a 35 foot wire with an alligator clip that I hook to the outer part of my coax at the feed point, and this extra counterpoise makes a huge positive difference. This setup is the perfect RV antenna!!

  2. Steve,
    Thank you!!! This is a great little antenna. I just got it, threw it up into the tree and worked my IC7300 portable and QRP in the back yard. My very first call from Milwaukee was a 5-9 to Arizona, 1500 miles and my second was with Slovenia, 5000 miles, both on 20m using the 35′ wire and 25′ of thin coax. I can’t wait to take it up to Boy Scout camp this summer. Will be a LOT easier than the fan dipole I put up between trees last year. Can’t wait to get out there, maybe someday I’ll save enough for a little KXsomething rig, but I’m happy as can be right now. Thanks!

  3. I just got a KX2 and I have been using it with a homemade buddistick and Jackite pole for portable ops. Your end fed would be better with the band changing capabilities but I’m wondering if the KX2 internal tuner can handle the tuning. I have made a matchbox end fed with the traditional 16′ counterpoise wire and it has worked for me in my attic as I have an HOA that doesn’t allow outside antennas. Your design seems to be an adaptation that makes sense for portable operations but I don’t want to have an external tuner so again will the KX2 tuner handle the tuning for 40 meters with the 35′ wire?

  4. Hi Steve,
    Well, it’s a nice day today here in Florida and got your antenna up in the air and hooked to my KX1 and Hank, K1PUG from CT just came blasting in here….hurt my ears…lol !
    I used a 30′ mast, the wire hung as a gentle sloper with 25′ of coax to the radio on the porch. He gave me a 549 report for my 3 watts on battery power !!
    And my second contact was even more impressive !
    A SOTA activator, KC7DM on W7O/NE-237 came back with a 329 report from Oregon !
    He was 229 here in Florida, real tough copy on my end, that was 2257 miles across the country ! Both contacts were on 20 meters.
    Just amazing Steve !!
    You got a real winner here, Thanks !!
    Ed N7EDK
    Bradenton, FL

    • Hi Ed, Thanks for the note and that’s some great QRP action for sure. So much fun to make contacts at low power like that with such a simple antenna system. I take full credit for your success..HiHi. 72/73, Steve—W1SFR

  5. I was ka1bwe in mount holly till 1987. When I moved to idaho if you need idaho for anything give me a shout rigs are ft817nd and ” Mr mountain topper 72 cal kf7et

  6. Steve, thanks for the nice QSO this Sunday morning! I have been testing a new portable battery arrangement and you were my second contact with it. Happy to say it looks like a winner. I do have Eneloop internal batteries in the KX3, but for those difficult times, I upgraded my external battery to a LifePo Zippy 4200 mah battery. Looks like a great way to do portable operation. Going to test it in two weeks on a family vacation to Ludington, Michigan.
    73 … Jim K8CXM

    • Hi Jim,

      I’m a little slow on the trigger as I’ve been swamped and also been remodeling a couple of rooms in the house…gotta keep at the honey do list right? You were sounding good OM. I also use the same equivalent LifePo pack. You can really put the amps to it to charge quickly without worrying about it catching fire and it can easily allow you to put a full 12W if you want to with the KX3. CU AGN soon Jim. 72/73 Steve

  7. I spent the last two weeks in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I took my ft 817 and your antenna. I had QSOs with ssb to Florida, South Carolina and several other southern states and a few western states. In the future I will always carry your antenna. It is a great antenna and worth it’s money. Thank you. Skip Barley W9GWV

    • Hi Skip,

      Thanks for the glowing endorsement! I started making and selling these antennas because I believe in them so much myself. Simple, Effective, and inexpensive. That’s a great combo in my book! Hope to hear you on the radio soon if I can ever get away from the bench HiHi. I just got an order for 5 of my torsion bar keys, so looks like I’ll be un-retired for some time to come, HiHi. Best to you and yours. 72/73 Steve

  8. Hello,
    Do you know if the 35 ft antenna requires a external tuner, I plan to operate 6 thru 40 meters. I am using a Kenwood 2000. The internal tuner is 3 to 1.
    Thank you,

    • Hi John,

      Yes, you will need a tuner. 3:1 might work ok on some bands and comments about the Kenwood 2K seem to point to the fact that the tuner is more robust than just 3:1, I would not be able to guarantee that your internal tuner would be 100% effective.

      Steve, W1SFR

  9. Steve,

    Great site and cool product line. I am always looking around for new gear to pair up with my KX3. I especially like the EndFed 40-6 and throwing kit products. Among other antenna contraptions, I use an old PAR EndFedz 10-20-40 MKII at times. It’s a great performer. However it doesn’t cover 17 meters.

    Does your 40-6 perform well on 17 meters?

    Working the HF bands, maintaining a commercial Ham Radio Website and a couple of Ham Radio Blogs keep this retired guy’s hand in the hobby. When I get a chance, I will throw down some good words about your site and product line and throw in some back links.

    72, Gary ke2yk

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate it and my apologies for my delay in answering. It just occurred to me that I hadn’t seen any comments lately from my site and the notifier isn’t working properly.

      Anyway…yes it works great on 17! The recent WW CW Test the airwaves were ablaze. I think I could have easily achieved DXCC QRP just in the past weekend! Great to hear so many CW ops on the air.

      Thanks again for the support. I’m in the same boat…retired and trying to run a small business and of course put a dent in the honey-do list at the same time! HiHi…now that’s work.

      I’m resurrecting an old single lever key design that I intend to start selling soon, so keep an eye out on this site in the next couple of weeks.

      All the best 73 OM
      Steve, W1SFR

  10. I’m looking for few ham radio op reviews about kx3 from elecraft. I want to do a good desicion about a QRP rig and I want to learn with help of u iif you can, I apreciate ur help. Maybe santa give me one this Christmas 2014. By the way tks for qso and your qsl tomorrow’s morning for u. C ya soon. Sincerly wp3y.

  11. Hi Al,
    So nice to hear from you and I’m so glad your’e liking your goodies. I’m going to look up that rig. Sounds pretty cool. Been working the ARRL WW DX some. I think you could easily do DXCC in a weekend QRP if you wanted to!

    72/73 my friend
    Steve, W1SFR

  12. Steve, I have your QRP Pad and 31 foot EF Antenna, both super quality products!
    I am 85 years of age, first licensed as DL4LQ in Signal Corps in Germany in1950.
    Was QRP with Meissner Signal Shifter, BC 348Q, T2FD antenna. 73 Al W6JHO.

  13. if you can get the Velcro strips longer they they would be good for putting a radio and small tuner together 72 Cal KF7ET Shelley Idaho worked you once or twice from M t Holly Vt long tine ago

  14. So YOU were the guy with that hammer…..as a former CTM1 who had to work on those 40lb monsters(after I got all the KW-XXs working), pull them out of 6ft up on a rack,…..and get them working to spec.(and taking out all the hammer dents, I can assure you there WAS a better way to fix them. I run a lot o QRP here as well including a 4w PSK-20. Once you had to work on those 390s and take ’em in and out of racks, most guys would not care if they NEVER saw another(not to mention trying to rebuild the PTO when none were available.. I haven’t tried half waves but I might give one a try some day. dit dit

  15. So cool that after all these years, we can hook up with old buds via this wonderful hobby. No doubt we shared many a transmission John. I hear some of those numbers stations are still at it. Yea man….rooms full of R390’s! I remember having a hammer hanging on the end of our receiver racks that we used to bang on anything that wasn’t working correctly. Funny thing is that it usually worked!

  16. Steve, hi. I copied you and W4BOH on 30m tonight. When I looked in QRZ.com I noticed you were a CT in 1969. Small world, so was I in ’69. Stationed in Rota, Spain and Northwest, VA and a few carriers in between. Those were the days and we copied the Soviet navy all over the Mediterranean and then some. R390s ruled our world.

    Take care, and yes I’m nearly always on the CW portion, chasing some DX or just experimenting with wire antennas. Take care, especially 73 from a former CTR.
    jebeatty @ gmail

  17. Thanks guys. Will do John,and I considered painting, but the process adds too much production time. The weight is a good bit larger than smaller weights and if you use a bright colored throwing line it’s pretty easy to figure out where the weight is after thrown. Steve

  18. paint that lead # hot pink or something you can see I have used this method for awhile and at 70 yrs. young need the help hi hi great site JIM KC0DD

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