W1SFR Portable Torsion Bar Key…the i-KeyYa

Here’s a key I just finished that I thought I would share with you. I wanted to make a small portable torsion bar sideswiper that I could throw in my go bag and not worry too much about it getting out of whack. I started milling out a base from some left-over ebony I had. I wanted a design ( get it? IKEA) that was sleek and modern looking so I went with the sort of squared off look including the very thin ebony finger pieces. My first attempt at making this key was an abject failure, but after some deliberation and further machining, I was able to get the torsion bar to twist just enough to make it work. The action is really great and I’m looking forward to using my new key when I’m out and about with my KX3 and my trusty end fed. 73, Steve, W1SFR

Torsion Bar Portable Key