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Owner of W1SFR.com featuring handmade Torsion Bar morse code keys.

Compendium of Automatic Morse by N3CW


Check out page 150 and you’ll see a full page devoted to the Torsion Bar single lever key made by yours truly!

Trace the evolution of automatic Morse code devices from the early 1800s to today through this informative text and over 1,100 photos. Beginning with an overview of telegraphy and early key history, fifteen sections explore the equipment used to send messages over long distances. Featured are code readers, oscillators, Morse trainers, electronic keyers, single- and dual-lever paddles, portable paddles, automatic mechanical keys, accessories, and more. Each device is presented in text and images, some with classic advertisements; this combination allows the reader to appreciate device development and better understand the thinking that went into the design. Paddle and key maintenance and adjustment are also examined, as well as computer interfacing and use of the Internet. The book also includes the results of patent studies and historical research, with many new findings presented, making it a must-have for collectors, ham operators, or anyone interested in the history of these communication devices.

Ed Goss has been a licensed amateur radio operator (N3CW) for almost 50 years. He operates almost exclusively using Morse code, and collects unique telegraphy devices. Ed is a retired engineer and lives in Palm Coast, Florida.

New Cootie/Paddle for under $150

Well, I’ve been refining this design and now it’s ready to go. I wanted a key with the same functionality as my larger keys, but was small and less complicated to manufacture….all at a bargain price under $150. I also wanted a key that was just as comfortable as a cootie as it is as a paddle. It also has a small footprint on the desk which is a real plus. It weighs enough (cuz it’s all brass) and stays in place during use due to the nice rubber feet installed underneath.

So, here’s a sneak preview. It won’t go up for sale on my site until next week after the Thanksgiving holiday. Price will be $145 plus actual shipping (priority USPS) which shouldn’t be more than $10.

I think it would look really swell under the Christmas tree eh?