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First Maine Woman Ham turns 108

There’s hope for us all.


1st International Field Radio Event 2016…May 28th

I’ll be on the air from my cabin here in Vermont. Hope to CU there!!!


The Field Radio group will be holding its inaugural International Field Radio Event in late May, 2016. Please note this is an activity and not a contest! Here is your opportunity to interact with fellow group members on air, so please support us in this fun activity.fieldradio-300x214

W1SFR Portable Torsion Bar Key with Stainless Steel Removable Base is Here!

Many have requested a base for the TBP/Torsion Bar Portable key and now it’s here. The key base has been re-designed to accommodate screw-in rubber feet and to match up with mounting holes on the stainless base. The total weight of the key with the SS base is 13oz. Still pretty light, but because of the low center of gravity and the lightness of the key itself, it will NOT move during use. You can see the video of the key and base by clicking on the link below.  I will be putting more pix and pricing on the site shortly. If you can’t wait….call me.