TBCP Cootie/Paddle

See my new “Fat Boy”…a twice as heavy version of this key with a solid 1/2” stainless steel base.

“It rates right up there with my Alberto Frattini sideswiper.”

“Congrats on a fine product.  I’ve tried Kent, VisKey, SKCC cootie and every one of them had an issue with contacts.  I haven’t had one misstep with your key perfect contact every time.”


As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the cootie key or sideswiper. I’ve been using one for years, so I make all of my keys so they can easily be used as either a paddle or cootie.

Knowing that cootie keys are not the most popular way of sending CW, I’ve set out to produce a key that is wired as a paddle but is equally at home as a cootie, and most of all, is very affordable.

It features my exclusive Torsion Bar action and satin finished and rounded black lexan finger pieces with W1SFR laser cut into each side. The base is solid stainless steel and features drilled and tapped rubber feet. The unique flexible contact strip is Nickel Sliver. The key comes pre-wired with a 3′ 3.5mm cable.



With the included stereo to mono adapter,  you can switch back and forth from a classic paddle to a cootie quickly and easily.

The footprint of the key is 3×3″ and with a light touch will easily stay in place during use. Total weight is 1lb 4oz.

Handmade with great care, this key will last forever.

Waiting time is about 2-3 weeks depending on my work load. Keys are sent via USPS Priority Mail and professionally packed to ensure safe delivery.

Here’s a video of my first version of the TBCP which shows a brass base and wooden fingerpieces:


TBCP (Torsion Bar Cootie/Paddle) $168 + $12.85 USPS Priority Mail Shipping