Stealth Light weight End-Fed Multi band Antenna System

Throwing line is now High Viz Yellow 1.8mm paracord.

I like to call it the Flee Bag…get it?


This is a 40m to 6m antenna system using the lightest weight components without sacrificing durability or convenience. Like my other very popular end fed antenna this is a lighter version which includes a excellent throwing line and small gauge wire antenna combined with my standard UnUn and coax. Total weight including everything is 23 oz.

Here’s what’s in the genuine US Army drawstring bag with plenty of extra room for stuff.

  1. 35′ of Davis RF 26ga “silky” antenna wire with #10 ring terminal and light weight insulator. All sealed with dual wall adhesive heatshrink on each end.
  2. 9:1 Unun with BNC connector. All stainless hardware. Rated at 100W
  3. 25′ RG-174 coax with BNC ends
  4. 100′ of High Viz neon yellow 1.8mm paracord with cord winder
  5. 1 6″ stake with pre installed shock cord to attach to UnUn
  6. 1 8oz throwing weight

If you’re looking for a complete HF antenna system for your go bag, survival kit or for your next vacation, this is the kit for you. Style of line winders may vary depending on source supply

Sold with and without the coax. Choose your option below

Complete kit: $147.50 with USPS Priority Mail shipping included btn_cart_LG

Kit without coax: $122.50 with USPS Priority Mail shipping included btn_cart_LG