Portable Key with “Station” Base

VERSION 3 IS HERE WHICH INCLUDES A SOLID BRUSHED AND POLISHED BRASS BASE FOR HOME USE!! Scroll down and check out the video! Please note that this stainless base is not compatible with Version one keys.

The Torsion Bar Key Is Here To Stay.

“I am very pleased with it and just tested it out at 45 wpm.  It is very smooth and will be used alot in my station.   I like the way you made the paddle too.  Alot stronger than my idea.  Thanks again for a FB job!”

In an effort to build an inexpensive single lever portable paddle that looks great and functions like no other, I’ve designed an all new key. One that you’ll be proud to own and use on your next portable outing or at home in the shack. Built to function equally as well as a sideswiper (cootie) key, it gives you options that only a single lever key can offer. The action is as effortless and smooth as keys costing twice as much, and users report hours of use with no fatigue at all.

It features a patent pending design that brings a whole new way of making dits and dahs.

Picture shown with stainless base. The base is now all BRASS.

The base is milled out of a solid block of Aluminum. The control lever “carrier” is brass and the finger pieces are made of rare woods with my signature Mother-Of-Pearl dot on each side. The solid brass base is brush finished and polished. The key base and lever carrier are glass bead blasted and lacquered. The lever and posts are brushed/polished finish and the adjustment screws are 10-32 Brass. The contact strip is stainless steel and provides a quieting mechanism that makes the key virtually silent while in use. Rubber feet are included and tapped and screwed in..NOT glued on.

Dimensions are 3.5L  x  1.5W  x 1.75H. Weight is 9oz.

The key is supplied with a 3.5mm cable.

Key without the brass base is only $175 + 12.50 Priority Mail shipping.

Delivery is 1 to 3 weeks depending on backlog.


Key WITH brass base is only $225 + 12.50 Priority Mail shipping.


Delivery time is around 2 weeks depending on backlog, etc.

International orders are welcome. Please inquire about shipping rates to your Country/Province.