TBP Portable Key With Station Base

It’s Back! Let’s call this the TBP. It’s the same with some improvements, mostly in the lever carrier, finger pieces and bottom cover plate.The station base is now made of solid stainless steel.

This is the fourth version of this key. It’s a great addition to the go bag and with the station base it’s very much at home in the shack as well. You’ll love the action and the look of this very unique Torsion Bar key. It excels as a cootie or paddle. It’s like getting two keys for the price of one!

For portable use, you simply unscrew the station base and the cover plate stored in the bottom of the station base, remove the feet and use them to attach the cover plate to the bottom of the key. That protects the wiring and also allows you to keep the key stable while sending. This key is VERY stable on the desk without taking up a lot of room. The following is a quote from Richard-W4RQ. This key uses the same action as the “Fat Boy”.

“The Fat Boy model of W1SFR’s TBSP Cootie arrived a month ago and resides next to my Begali Sculpture Swing Cootie, both are operational at my operating position.Why? Because after a month of daily useage, constantly comparing the two keys I still cannot decide which is my favorite, the expensive Begali which is truly the Rolls Royce of keys, or the TBSP Fat Boy costing 1/3 the price of the Begali. Both are extremely comfortable to use, and both stay put while in use.The Begali with its almost infinite adjustability can accommodate just about any fist, soft, or heavy while the Fat Boy does prefer a lighter touch. Both are aesthetically pleasing. The Begali is a masterful piece of work of course, but the Fat Boy with its polished brass and mother of pearl Dot, is a very well crafted key.”

It features a patent pending design that brings a whole new way of sending CW using my unique torsion/lever system.

The key base is milled out of a solid block of Aluminum. The control lever “carrier” is brass and the finger pieces are made of rare woods with my signature Mother-Of-Pearl dot on each side. Station base is stainless steel and the lever carrier, lever and posts are brushed/polished brass. Adjustment screws are custom made and are 10-32 fine thread Brass. The contact strip is nickel silver and provides a quieting mechanism that makes the key virtually silent while in use.

Here’s a video of the key in action:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.03.44 AM

Dimensions with Station Base are 3″W  x  5″L  x 2.5H. Total Weight 1.6 pounds. Weight without the station base is only 9 oz.

DX please email me for additional mail charges. Use my Contact page. Average is only about $10 additional postage for most countries.

Price Including the stainless station base is $225 + $12.85 USPS Priority Mail