TBSK Straight Key

Wow! Absolutely beautiful, incredibly quiet and responsive action. Thank you!!!

What a finely made work of art.  It is absolutely beautiful!!!  I put it on the air hours after I received it and worked 3B9FR on Rodriquez island, RU3EG in Russia and several more. I am proud to display such a beautiful key in my shack!

Check out the great review by N1ABS!

It’s a whole new thing…no springs or magnets to mess with. Just plug it in, adjust the contact travel to your liking and experience one of the quietest and smoothest straight keys you’ll ever use.

TBSK 3qtr with plaque


All components are made by hand. All brass parts are mounted to black granite and then mounted to an American Cherry or Walnut base. Even the knob is hand turned. Wood base measures 4″ x 6″ and each key comes with a custom made 3.5mm cable as well as a heavy duty non slip pad which keeps this key in place while in use. Each key will come with an engraved plate: “TBSK by W1SFR Ser No. XXX”.

First 10 keys ordered will also get an inlayed mother of pearl dot which will be centered on the top of the knob.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Price US $175.00 + $12.50 Priority Mail Shipping.btn_cart_LG

International customers please email for shipping costs to your country.