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The reviews keep rolling in almost every day for this antenna and the Torsion Bar keys as well.

This is the latest from Mark, W5MLM

I tried it…and boy did it work.

I used a 28′ jackite pole and anchored the UnUn box about a foot off the ground. So if my trig is correct then the wire was at about a 50-degree angle up to the top of the pole. I then ran 25 feet of LMR-240 straight back to my operating table and started to operate.

Within 10 mins I had made two contacts from San Antonio to Colorado SOTA station 11K-feet up in the mountains, and one to Calragy, Canada–both on 5 watts battery power.

It seemed to be working better than my permanent horizontal 40m/20m/15m/10m EndFed that’s only 14 feet off the ground.”

Check out the eHam reviews for the End Fed Antenna HERE…it’s all good!

Man….I’ve been a bad boy when it comes to updating this page. Too busy filling orders which is a good thing. Here’s a quick email out of many thatI thought I would share with you.

3/27/2016 Geez…almost a year since my last post here. Probably 300 more antennas out there since my last. My latest testimonial was from a customer in Chazy, NY. He called me to comment on how he had never seen that level of quality and attention to detail in an antenna. Thanks Larry!

2/2/2015 Actually, watching my auto-tuner in action I’m not for sure it’s even getting a workout. I love this antenna. I have a lot of time on the 35′ version and have some great QRP contacts that you wouldn’t believe using my FT-817 and it in sloper with the high end at 15 feet.

11/2014  I  am a new ham and decided to try QRP. I recently bought your End Fed antenna and I must say it really works! I have it stretched across my driveway from my 2nd floor window where my shack is located to a home made mast. Its about 15 ft in the air and with 5 watts I have participated in nets, contacted numerous states plus Cuba,Canada, Italy and Jersey Island in the English Channel! All this since the end of September. Your antenna is easy to use and will produce results. 

Best Regards
Vincent KC3AFY


04/29/2014—Steve, I took the 6-40m end-fed down to the deep woods of east Texas over the weekend and by 7:00 PM Saturday worked 30 contacts including Bosnia, Cuba, Germany, Greece and Slovenia.  The high point of the day though was when I was able to pick up KC4AAA, the Amundson Research facility at the South POLE!!  I wasn’t able to work him.  The pile-up was unbelievable; but I was hearing him like he was around the corner!

03/14/2014—Steve, I finally got to play with the antenna I bought from you. The bands were crazy busy that weekend (3/1 – 3/2). After about 15 minutes of cruising the bands I made contact with my first ever DX station, 9A5BWW in Croatia! A few minutes later another contact in Canada. Not too shabby, my friend! Not too shabby at all!

03/10/2014—Got a nice call from N1COU in MA. Said he lived in senior housing with very restrictive rules about outside antennas. He told me that he’s achieved QRP DXCC over the years with 317 countries and that our antenna is one of the best portable antennas he’s used. He using his indoors on the first floor of his building with his K2 and is VERY happy with the results.

11/11/2013—Got the following email from Rich K2UPS. Rich is a driver for UPS and you can tell from his call sign, he loves his work! Check out his QRZ page. Thanks for the kind words Rich! 

The antenna arrived Saturday in the mail. It is considerably lighter than the one I built which is perfect for when I go hiking. I took it down to the beach today ( it was partly sunny and 51′) and made over a dozen contacts in a few hours. Greece, France, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, Canada and also AL CA NC IN & PA. Had a blast! I operated 30, 20, 17 & 12 meters. It is so nice to have both a rig and antenna that allow QSY’s and band changes as fast as you can turn the knob. Thanks for a great product!

11/12/2013—I’m happy to say that QRPer.com put a very nice announcement on their front page. They’ve been a great resource for me and my QRP endeavors. Thanks Thomas!

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10/28/2013—Thanks to Larry, W2LJ for his mention of the QRPad in his excellent QRP blog

10/27/2013 From Frank, 2E0YAR, Merseyside, UK

W1SFR’s ‘FistRest’

One day I was having a grumpy rant about getting cramp in my wrist after long periods of ‘European’ sending on the key….lucky for me I was talking to Steve – W1SFR who said something like ‘Are you a mouse or a morse man?!’. A week later I received a small packet from the states labelled ‘Frank “mouse” Lees’ I turned it over and noticed a familiar callsign on the back I thought to myself ‘this is going to be a pair of ears isn’t it!’.

I opened the packet to find a foam pad with an anti slip surface and a foam wedge with the same type of anti slip surface (QRPad see below) on it with a note that read ‘Frank, here is something that may ease the wrist cramp….when you feel it coming on drop your wrist on to the ‘FistRest’ and try it the ‘US’ way.

Within 2 minutes I was in the shack down the bottom end of my garden, I placed the flat mat on the bench in line with my Junker key (the closest to hand at the time) And then switched the rig on to test it out. I tried sending bits from a book for about 5-10 minutes that is usually the time it takes for my wrist to pack in on a straight key but not anymore! My wrist cramps have gone and have not shown up since!

After that test I lined up my touch paddle with Steve’s ‘FistRest’ and tried sending with the paddle, it made that even more comfortable as well! The great thing about this wrist saving wonder is that you can use it for your pc mouse as well as your morse key and it takes up very little space. The ‘FistRest’ is very good value for money so why not give it a whirl? You know you want to….

I sent Steve a thank you email later that night and he said that he was going to make them to order selling them on his website and he also informed me that he had a few other bits of kit on his site too from the KX3/KX1 stand to his end fed 40-6m antenna with other stuff in there too! 

10/25/2013—Fists UK features KX3Helper site in their News section. Thanks guys!