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4 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. Hi Dave. Yes, I was looking on a tree climbers supply site recently and I’m looking into wholesale supplies of some very slick looking throwing lines. They’re pricey, but I’m thinking one 100′ hank of super line with the ball bearing swivel weight would be the cats nuts. I’m working on it and thanks for the nudge! 72 my friend. Steve

  2. Keep this up. I currently do not need any of your offerings but will check your site often….. you will get some of my money eventually. Thanks for thinking of us.

    How about a box with the end fed antenna, throwing weight, Dacron throwing line, etc. Everything you need to throw in your grab bag to get on the air…… I know I can do it but sometimes it is just easier and more fun to have a “commercial” package with everything I think of and then some…… what say?

    Dave K8WPE QRP since 1960.

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