Hi, Steve Roberts here. I’m the owner and chief cook and bottle washer here at KX3Helper. My roots in the hobby go back a long way to 1969 when I was a Radioman CT in the Navy stationed on “Eastern” island just East of Midway island. I spent my work days copying 5 number/letter code groups and feeding them to crypto guys. It was a lot of fun actually and we had a couple of hams in the crew which was great when we needed to patch a call to home. Check out my story on my QRZ page.

Fast forward 40 years. My best friend is a ham and he was always on me about getting licensed. He was annoyed that I knew CW (which he continues to struggle with) and didn’t have a ticket. So a couple of years ago, I built my first QRP rig (an OHR 100 for 40 m), a homebrew mag loop antenna, and set to work learning all I could about CW and on air procedures. While I was copying as many QSO’s as possible at night in my kitchen, I was taking classes with The Green Mountain Wireless Society in Rutland, VT. I passed the technician test and gave myself a year to get some QSO’s under my belt (about 2000 CW QSO’s) and then took the General test and upgraded my license.

I’m on the air almost every day—usually in the early evening around 2200 UTC (EDST). I operate QRP CW 90% of the time, but if a QSO is falling apart I have no problem going QRO. I have worked all states QRP and 235 countries so far, and I’m having a blast.

This site was created to bring products to the QRP community that are useful, inexpensive and sometimes hard to find.

Stay tuned.

72/73, Steve, W1SFR