Throwing Line Kit

Ok, here’s everything you need to get your wire up in the air. You can throw a line with this rig up about 50′ max.

NOTE: I will choose the line winder based on what I have in stock. there are two styles. One is wider and is provided with a velcro strap to hold the throwing line, the other has a bungee cord attached. I am at the whim of the supplier, so never know what they will have in stock. They both work great so no difference in use. When you pay out line, you just hold it with your thumb and forefinger in the oval cutout at the top of the winder and the line peels off very nicely.

The line winder is made of durable and flexible material and borrowed from the kite flying community.

The line is 135′ of our exclusive throwing line. At 2mm it’s heavy enough to withstand some very serious abuse. It’s tightly woven fluorescent orange nylon with an outer covering that slides through the trees with ease. It’s new on the market and is quickly becoming a favorite with tree care professionals and arborists. As you can see it’s color is about as visible as it could be and makes it easier to follow through the tree. It’s very difficult to unravel this line, so unlike mason’s twine or such, it keeps itself together very nicely.

Then we have the throwing weight. An 8oz lead weight with fluorescent beads on each end, a very high quality 100lb test ball bearing swivel and 180lb test coated stainless steel wire holding it all together.

The antenna stake is new Army Surplus so you know its built to last. It includes a highly reflective strip of luminescent tape on the stake so it’s easy to see at night. Some of them can be a bit scuffed up from storage, but usually are pretty pristine.

Here’s what you get: A 135′ spool of throwing line, Line Winder, Stake with safety tape, 8oz. throwing weight.

Here’s my process for setting up an antenna:

  • The roll of line is first wound onto the plastic line holder. Have someone hold the spool for you as you wind it onto the winder.
  • Wind the line onto the winder using a figure 8 winding method. Watch this video by Richard from SOTAbeams.
  • Tie one end of the line onto the line winder.
  • Tie the weight onto the end of the line once it’s on the winder.
  • When launching…pay out the line onto the ground. Hold the weighted end of the line and drop the weight down to your side about a foot or so off the ground.
  • Swing it around a few times at your side to get a feel for it, then when you’re ready, give it a couple of good swings and throw it up into the tree.
  • Let it drop down through the tree.
  • When it gets to the ground tie it off on a branch or the tree itself.
  • Go to the other end of the line at your throwing position and tie the antenna wire insulator to that end.
  • Use a short length of the line and tie it to the antenna black box and then to the peg.
  • Go back to the weighted end of the line and pull the line until the end of your antenna is up in the tree at a height you prefer.
  • Tie the line off and remove the weight. I carry a knife and a lighter when I do this stuff and when I cut the weight off I always fuse my line ends to keep them from unravelling. Not really necessary, but that’s my thing.
  • Go back to the other end. Grab the lug end of the antenna wire and attach it to the box. Position it so that the box is about 1′ off the ground when tied off to the stake.
  • Attach your coax and you’re ready to go.
  • One other thing, use an old work glove or something to protect the fingers of your throwing hand. The line picks up a lot of speed when you throw it and could give you a rope burn.
I hope that answers your questions about deploying the antenna.

All items are available separately: Line Winder, Throwing line, Weight, Stake.

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